The room was beautifully set up with a patio that looked out over the beach, yet felt secluded. Everything was perfectly clean and the bed was comfortable. – Zach

Slumber to the Sea

Beach Bungalows in Paradise

Costa Dulce is one of Nicaragua’s premier eco-lodges with a strong focus on building community and environmental awareness in the surrounding communities. 

Costa Dulce grew very naturally and did so in the middle of nature. Each of our bungalows and cabins has been designed with surrounding trees and plants taken into account and in some cases, the trees grow through the building. All have been built to take advantage of the local Papagayo winds to keep you cool without using too much electricity. The eco-lodge greywater is processed and used to water our garden and grow food for guests.

Rustic luxury describes our bungalows and cabins the best. There are no televisions or ACs but stunning views, balconies with hammocks, big beds, and warm water showers.

Costa Dulce offers 3 different accommodation types. Check them out below.

Costa Dulce Cabins

El Pelicano – Premium Cabin

The Shower enjoys beach and ocean views. Great balcony with a hammock and daybed sofa, top of the hill within a short distance of all our amenities, and enjoys a quiet surrounding atmosphere.

Maximum capacity of 2 guests. 1 queen-size bed or 2 single beds.

El Congo – Premium Cabin

El Congo which is a mirror image of El Pelicano has a great balcony and stunning beach and ocean views. The balcony has a sofa and a hammock and is very private. The bathroom has a solar hot water shower with views of the beach. It is located at the top of the hill within a short distance of all our amenities and enjoys a quiet surrounding atmosphere.

Maximum capacity of 2 guests. 1 queen-size bed or 2 single beds.

El Nido – Premium Cabin

El Nido (the nest in English) truly lives up to its name. Perched over the beach with a stunning unobstructed view of the waves breaking and Costa Rica in the distance. A cozy space ideal for a couple or a single traveler.

The balcony has two lounge chairs perfect to relax and take in the view. The view from the hot water shower is also unparalleled. Exquisite craftsmanship went into building this masterpiece.

Maximum capacity of 2 guests. 1 queen-size bed.

La Olita – Premium Cabin

La Olita is our closest cabin to the beach, and its cozy, simple design has everything you need. A balcony perched over the beach, complete with a bathroom, epic outdoor – but hot water – shower, queen bed, hammock and lounge chair. Ideal for couples, singles and surfers. This is the epitome of an ecolodge bungalow. It’s radical.

Maximum capacity of 2 guests. 1 queen size bed.

Sacuanjoche – Premium Cabin

Great ocean views from the queen bed, A sliding wall that connects the beach view balcony to the rest of the room, a beautiful stone vanity and beach view shower are some of the favorite features of this cabin. Located close to the action and beach its not ideal for people looking for seclusion and early nights.

Maximum capacity of 3 guests. 1 queen size bed and 2 single beds.

Big Bungalow – Premium Cabin

The spacious Big Bungalow is an octagonal cabin carefully crafted using local hardwoods. It has great views of the beach and a cool ambient temperature thanks to a high ceiling with excellent ventilation. This room is great for couples, families with children, or small groups. The balcony is furnished with 2 lounge chairs and a hammock, and there is a small dining/work table inside. Hot water solar shower, and like all room solar powered.

Maximum capacity of 4 guests. 1 queen size bed and 3 single beds.

Ranita – Premium Cabin

La Ranita offers a great view onto the ocean and into the green. It has plenty of shelf space and a hammock on the front porch. The private bathhouse with a solar hot water shower is literally 5 steps away. La Ranita lies in the heart of Costa Dulce and is close to the common work space and half way between the dining area and the beach. That way it is a great for people who like be close to all the amenities.

Maximum capacity of 2 guests. 1 king size bed.

Cangrejito – Standard Cabin

El Cangrejito is a dorm-style room with panoramic views of the beach. A queen and two single beds make it ideal for small families or friends. Large front porch with hammock and an outdoor private bathroom with solar hot water and power.

Maximum capacity of 3 guests. 1 queen size bed and 2 single beds.

El Bosque – Standard Cabin

Nestled in the bosque (forest) and just a little more secluded than the rest of the bungalows. This cabin is great for people who want a little bit of distance from the action or nature lovers who want to learn up close and personal about the local fauna. Though there is no view of the ocean from inside there is a beautiful balcony to relax on with valley views and a glimpse of the beach.

Maximum capacity of 2 guests. 1 queen size bed and 1 single bed.

Colibri – Standard Cabin

This is our smallest and most minimalistic cabin. Ideal for a simple or easy-going guest who appreciates their privacy. It is a few steps away from the action and enjoys a peaceful view of the valley and beach from the balcony.

Maximum capacity of 2 guests. 1 queen size bed.

La Casita – Shared Cabin

The Casita is a very comfortable space with a large ocean view deck, cozy living space, and high ceilings. Loft bedroom with 3 single beds, downstairs room with 2 single beds and a sofa/living room space.

Maximum capacity of 5 guests. 5 single beds.

Villa Cortez – Ocean view villa

Definitely our most luxurious/spacious cabin. A large 1 bedroom house, with full kitchen, expansive ocean view deck, and sunken living room. Great for entertaining or just living it up.

Maximum capacity of 4 guests. 1 king-size bed in the bedroom and 1 king-size bed in the living area.

Ready for an unforgettable vacation in peace and tranquility?

Casa Horizon – Perfect for Groups

Casa Horizon is right next to Costa Dulce and the perfect setting for a little group. The main house consists of 4 standard rooms and can easily fit 10 or more guests. The house is connected to a big common area with a kitchen, big living space and big balcony. For a more luxury feeling the Ocean view Villa can easily be integrated in this setup.

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