Rio Escemeca Grande originates in the Collado reserve watershed and winds it's way down to Playa Escameca Grande.

Collado Nature Reserve is a partnership between Costa Dulce, Vital Actions, and the local communities. 

Restoring forests will play a big part in tackling climate change and to offset the damage caused by travelling to this paradise we will plant 1,000,000 trees in the next decade. 


 This isn’t a proposal or plan. Action is already being taken. Approximately 35 acres of habitat in Southern Nicaragua has already been put into permanent protection. Strategic reforestation has been launched. Community involvement and economic opportunities are a reality.

The Collado Reserve has a wide range of biodiversity and is home to endangered and threatened species. Our developing habitat protection and reforestation plan strives to encompass thousands of acres of absolute reserve land as well as wildlife migration corridor support.

This project touches on many areas of sustainability. The obvious are land preservation and restoration. Along with those come other beneficial side effects.

Planting and maintaining trees is hard work and will employ many people through the years. We've already got 5000 trees in the ground and many more to go. Every year we plan on doubling the number planted. We've got some work ahead of us and many people to employ in a sustainable economic model.


As the forest matures there will be many other benefits. The more reforestation that happens the more water is going to end back up in the underground aquifer, making Rio Escameca, flow again year round. The more trees we plant the more we safeguard against drought and mudslides, while helping provide clean drinking water for the community of Collado.

When the reserve grows in size we adding habitat for many endangered and threatened species. The tropical dry forest in Nicaragua has become quite rare and fragmented we know it is necessary to preserve, protect and grow this rare ecosystem. We are already bringing low impact ecotours into the area creating more jobs and sorely needed environmental awareness into the area.

Next to the community / environment contribution, Costa Dulce is planting trees - with the help of our guests- to be Carbon Neutral and eventually carbon negative. A portion of the proceeds from every guest's stay contributes to planting trees preserving more land and offsetting the damage done by travel to this beautiful country. We also raise funds through generous donations by people like you.

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Costa Dulce is the premier eco-lodge, hotel, beach resort  and retreat centre near San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

We help you host yoga retreats, yoga teacher trainings, fitness retreats, business retreats, family gatherings and weddings.


At Costa Dulce we genuinely care about our environment and we plant trees for all people flying into our little paradise. This way we can maintain our beautiful habitat, while simultaneously employing & empowering local people in a sustainable economic model.

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