All of the guests we have welcomed over the years had one thing in common : once they've got a taste of the Costa Dulce sweetness, they no longer wanted to leave. And we've got some good news ... You don't have to !

Our little piece of paradise is known to only become sweeter along the way, especially if you dive deep into body & mind practices, healthy food routines and authentic community connection.

These are the key pillars of our RESIDENCY PROGRAM

An exclusive, personalised stay for either 3 weeks or 40 days (or forever ... who knows) that will nourish your life to the fullest.

Are you ready for a journey of a lifetime? We are ready to receive you in our picture perfect paradise .... Inquire here or check out a more detailed description of our program below. 


What differentiates Costa Dulce Retreat from any other place is its community vibe and the philosophy it embodies. At Costa Dulce we live a slow live, connected to the earth, as we embrace daily holistic practices that nourish our bodies, lives and earth.

The difficult decision is not whether you come, but if you'll ever be able to leave... 


The atmosphere at Costa Dulce lends for a next-level relaxation. Whether you come for a complete holiday break or you want to work remotely, we'll ensure you'll be doing what you're doing fully relaxed.

When you decide to visit us, we'll tailor an experience that accommodates your needs. 

This includes :

  Daily movement / mindfulness

  Fresh, farm-to-table meals

  Housekeeping & laundry service

  Supporting environment

  Eco volunteering opportunities

Starting from only $ 300 / week for 21 days or more ...


Do you want to take your personal development to the next-level, while enjoying sweet paradise?

This program adds on top of the 'basic Relax & Restore'. If you transform inside, you'll connect even more to the world around ...

So why not make the most out of your stay?

The transformation program has the same foundation as the 'Relax & Restore' , but offers more individualised tools and add-ons :

 Personal Coaching

 Individual goal setting & follow-up 

 Adjusted meal plan

 Unprecedented growth

Starting from only $ 550 / week for 40 days or more ....

Seriously ... What are you waiting for?


* We have taken serious measures with the current COVID-19 situation to make sure our guests safe and health are a priority (You'll receive the measures in a detailed format as you apply).

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Costa Dulce is the premier eco-lodge, hotel, beach resort  and retreat centre near San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

We help you host yoga retreats, yoga teacher trainings, fitness retreats, business retreats, family gatherings and weddings.


At Costa Dulce we genuinely care about our environment and we plant trees for all people flying into our little paradise. This way we can maintain our beautiful habitat, while simultaneously employing & empowering local people in a sustainable economic model.

Learn more HERE.