transformative YOGA training in Nicaragua

200-Hour Transformative 

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training


2020   August 9 - 30




"I have made some major changes in my life with clarity. Reflection has led me back to who I am not who I think I should be.  Knowing this I cruise confidently, calmly and most importantly happily into a new life freely choosing my own direction."

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  • Immersion in the lush jungle of Nicaragua steps away from the beach.  

  • Take home tools to transform into your fullest potential.

  • Learn to enrich your daily life with ancient practices.

  • A personalized, small-group teacher training setting.

  • Your presence saves turtles, preserves ecosystems and helps the community.


Our Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher Training complies with 200 hour Yoga Alliance Standards, including Yoga Techniques & Practice, Methodology, Anatomy & Physiology, Philosophy & Practicum/ Teaching time (from day 1 , multiple classes !). 

Our training is in the Hatha Yoga lineage in the Krishnamacharya tradition, combining breath and movement in a flow (Vinyasa), focused on the 8-folded path of Patanjali as a philosophical foundation. Throughout the training we also introduce other healing practices and techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Buddhist Meditation and other yoga lineages (Like Iyengar). The experience and knowledge of these different techniques can empower you, to enrich your ongoing yoga journey of growth and exploration.

Our philosophy is that yoga is not a 'one size fits it all' solution and we hope to trigger your curiosity to continuously explore and expand your consciousness, expressing your soul and potential into this world. 

Check out the impressions of last year's training in the video below and book a call if it resonates with you. Your vibe & gut feeling never lie, so get in touch and give it a try.

Or discover what makes our  HATHA YOGA TEACHER TRAINING experience special below ...

  • IMMERSION IN THE LUSH JUNGLE OF NICARAGUA steps away from the beach.


Nature just might be the most prominent and powerful teacher you’ll experience during your Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Costa Dulce.  Its healing, grounding, energizing, and reconnecting power is ever-present as our jungle beach location lets you practice amidst the sounds of monkeys and crashing waves while surrounded by stunning views.  Meditate watching whales and surf right after class.  You’ll feel like you’re dreaming with your eyes open!  


Step into your personal power via group sharing practices, art projects, self-love and truth-speaking practices, ice baths, ceremonies and more so you feel more comfortable in your skin and proud in your voice.  Then experience the transformation that can take place when you reconnect with yourself, your values and desire through yoga as well as vision boards, guided visualizations, group exercises, journaling, and more.  

  • Learn to ENRICH YOUR DAILY LIFE with ancient practices.

Yoga is not just about the poses, but it’s about how we are in the world!  Learn how to integrate the practices of pranayama, meditation, nourishing daily lifestyle routines and rituals, and the ethical pillars of yoga into your life to live your yoga off-the-mat and help you better yourself and the world.


A maximum number of 12 students in our 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training ensures you are seen and heard and get the support you need.  We create a small community where teachers and students interact equally to allow for deeper connections that facilitate your personal growth. 

  • YOUR PRESENCE saves turtles, preserves ecosystems and HELPS the community.


Your contribution to Nicaragua ... plant trees in our protected nature reserve as part of our carbon offset program, supports local community projects and fair-wage employment, and sea turtle conservation work.







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Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin (TCM), AcroYoga & Yoga Nidra

'Self-love sets free. Let your soul shape your reality'

During her first experience of living abroad in Indonesia in 2014, Ann fell in love with both yoga and (self-)exploration. After teaching yoga full-time for few years, she decided to pursue her heart's desire to travel, move abroad and teach.


At Costa Dulce, she facilitates weekly intensive yoga retreats, teaches (environmental) awareness in multiple schools and shares her positive, empowering energy with people from all over the world. Her mission is to raise awareness and love on our planet, so humanity can learn how to reconnect with the effortless flow of nature and give back to its surroundings.

With classical ballet and dance being the biggest part of her life, she is passionate about presence by connecting fluid movement to the breath. Her teachings embody curiosity, self-love, empowerment and joy. She finished a 500 hour Hatha Yoga Training (Yoga Alliance Professionals), loves silent retreats, profound self-exploration (you are your most important teacher), philosophy, psychology, (conscious) communication, education, spirituality and the magical nature of life itself!


Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Kundalini, Thai Massage, Energy Work

'Yoga frees us from the limitations of the mind so we can reconnect with our true selves and fulfill our highest potential. It's a practice of coming home.'

Drawn to yoga off and on since 1997, it was ultimately the thing that helped Monica to find more freedom - and it continues to do so. After attending a yoga retreat in Nicaragua in 2014, she realized how disconnected she had become to herself and what she truly wanted. She then left her job, relationship, country, and the societally approved path to pursue her lifelong dream of living abroad.

As such, she believes yoga is a tool of transformation. By reuniting body, breath, and mind, we can move beyond the past, social conditioning, unconscious habit patterns, limiting beliefs, and our small separate sense of self in order to rediscover our true nature. It's her life's work to share this with others as she believes that to change the world we must start with ourselves, and as we reconnect with ourselves in yoga, we reconnect with others and the planet for the ultimate benefit of all.

Her style is influenced by her training in yoga anatomy, Thai yoga healing massage, reiki, and yoga life coaching. A former scientist and one time wilderness therapy field guide, she brings her scientific mind and sense of adventure to her teaching.

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Iyengar Yoga​ & Remedial Yoga

Vaya (Talia Lia Meizan Nijhuis) received her yoga teacher certification directly by B.K.S. Iyengar in Pune, India. She has practiced Yoga and Vipassana meditation since 1992 after receiving a B.A. degree in Philosophy and Cognition Science from the University of Tel Aviv. She studied with various teachers around the world including B.K.S. Iyengar, Getta, and Prashant Iyengar, and completed 4 years of yoga teacher training with Mr. Faeq Biria. She worked as an assistant of “Remedial Yoga classes” in Israel and the Iyengar Yoga Institute in India.

Vaya’s meditative approach to yoga allows the asana to be embodied fully and deeply, transcending the limitations of physical and mental flexibility. Vaya’s vast knowledge and experience, attention to detail and her soft, light-hearted approach to the practice sets the stage for a deep and meaningful meeting with yoga.

Vaya will teach a two-day intensive during our Teacher Training, covering in-depth Asana, Pranayama and meditation to take you to the true essence of what yoga is. Her teachings are humbling and inviting you not to only embrace the teachers' journey, but most importantly the journey as an eternal student of yoga and of life.

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Environmental entrepreneurship - Tim (

Tim, Director of Vital Actions has spent a lifetime of working around environmental entrepreneurship and activism. With his own turtle hatchery, reforesting project (together with Costa Dulce) and as a rescuer of many animals, he shares with us the tricks and tools to environmental leadership.

Art to express the soul - Manu (The Art Warehouse, SJDS)

Artist and altruist Manu has her own art gallery in SJDS, where recycling and upcycling play a central role. She will facilitate a visionboard workshop in our training, to manifest the desires from the soul in to the physical world. Besides, she is happy to share about art projects she does with kids in the neighboring villages (‘Amarte’ - which means, love yourself).

... and more amazing collaborators are in the works!  To be announced soon!


Apply for the 200 Hour Hatha Yoga 
Teacher Training


Book a call with one of your trainers, to learn more about our program since the energetic connection with your teacher is a crucial aspect of your learning process. It's easy to apply for the teacher training, just send an email to with your name, age, yoga experience, any physical limitations you might have and a short motivation letter. It is highly recommended to have a basic body awareness and yoga experience prior to starting the training. We do, however, believe that great motivation and genuine interest in yoga/consciousness is more important than your experience level.

   $ 3500 USD Shared Room 

   $ 4500  Single Room (private)

   $500 Deposit secures your space. All payments must be completed by August 1st


The price includes: Full Room and Board, Hatha Yoga Teacher Training & Training Syllabus (Sutra’s & Handbook), 1 free massage and your Carbon Offset *

The price does not include: Flight to Nicaragua,  Transport to and from the airport, 4 books for the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, stay prior and after the training (students can receive a 20 % discount the week prior & after the training).

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