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November the Most Beautiful Time of Year

Whenever asked what is the best time to visit Nicaragua. My answer is always November. Wether it's for a yoga retreat, vacation, or if you want to do one of our yoga retreat packages November is the most beautiful time of year. Rainy season has just ended so the jungle is in full bloom, the water is still tropical, and all the animals are fat and happy.

We had the pleasure of hosting several yoga retreats this November we started off with Aumukua yoga led by Ruth Singbeil. It's always a pleasure hosting people from home and we got to do this twice this month. Next up we had Natural Harmony from Colorado this was our second time hosting this group, led by Michelle who has decided to make Nicaragua her new home! Felicidades! More people from BC showed up with Risto Duggan on his Surf and Yoga retreat in partnership with Saathi Retreats .

Yoga retreats are great this time of year because nature is really doing it's thing. This is prime time for turtles. With Sea turtles arriving and babies going out to sea almost daily more than a 1000 babies released this month! Thanks Tim and Vital Action for all your hard work.

The surf is another big plus in the month of November. Wether you are a beginner surfer doing surf lessons with the surf club or someone looking to get barrelled November has got you covered. It's the tail end of surf season so swells are a little smaller (just the right size for the breach breaks around here) but still pumps on occasion with Playa Yankee going off on multiple occasions.

Wether it be for surf, yoga, a yoga retreat package or just coming as a hotel guest to enjoy Nicaragua. November is the time of year! Thanks to everybody who came and made it such a great month. Hasta al proximo!

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