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Costa Dulce Immersive Yoga Retreat - Meet The Teacher

The Costa Dulce Yoga Program next to our healthy cuisine is an integral part of the Costa Dulce Retreat experience, connecting you to yourself in a nourishing and natural environment.

Our (two-)daily classes, meditation classes and weekly workshop(s) help you to grow a genuine and strong relationship with yourself, so that you can integrate more presence, health and happiness into your daily life.


Each morning we have a Yang (vinyasa / Hatha) class to wake up and refresh and stretch the body and mind, while we have Yin classes in the evening (except for friday/ weekend) opening deep into the connective tissues, allowing the body to heal and restore from the daily stresses of life. Besides, we add several -sunset- meditation moments and workshops into the program, allowing you to become more self-aware and connecting to yourself and your surroundings.

Both our Yang & Yin style classes combine body work, breathing techniques, meditation & aspects of thai massage & TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) into an immersive yoga experience. The foundation of our constructive program is mindfulness meditation and self-knowledge, so you can discover your strengths, can let go of insecurities and fear so you can cultivate a deeper connection and understanding of both yourself and your surroundings.

  • Presence through the physical body

  • Connecting to - & releasing thought & emotion

  • Self-discipline & determination

  • Practice unconditional love

  • Connect to truth / true self

  • Intuitive listening & living

  • Beyond duality : immersed into life


www.consciouscorner.be / www.instagram.com/ann.schreppers

After teaching for several years full time in Belgium, Ann decided to go abroad and travel & teach, grow & share. Ever since she was a child, Ann has cherished a deep love for all living creatures & life itself. With dance being a big part of her life, she is passionate about movement and presence by connecting to - stretching & strengthening- the body. Working with our body helps us to create space in our ego mind, to connect to our heart and live a life of awareness, so you can make a change not only for yourself, but your surroundings as well. With her classes, she wishes to support the growth of self-awareness, presence & unconditional love in this world. She does so by integrating insights of yoga, meditation, conscious communication, western science -psychology & neuroscience-, ... into her classes and workshops.

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Costa Dulce is the premier eco-lodge, hotel, beach resort  and retreat centre near San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

We help you host yoga retreats, yoga teacher trainings, fitness retreats, business retreats, family gatherings and weddings.


At Costa Dulce we genuinely care about our environment and we plant trees for all people flying into our little paradise. This way we can maintain our beautiful habitat, while simultaneously employing & empowering local people in a sustainable economic model.

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