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Birder's Paradise

Guardabarranca or Motmot

To say that Costa Dulce has an abundance of wildlife nearby is an understatement. We are blessed by Rio Escameca which, while slows to trickle during the dry season still provides fresh water for many animals in the area. We hope to change this with our forest restoration and preservation project up the valley in Collado. For now the little river serves as the only fresh water source for many animals making for a dense population of all kinds of animals especially during the dry season.

We have an amazing guide. Luis. He has grown up deaf but this has helped him fine tune his vision and it is amazing what he can find. Here he is in action. He has spotted the elusive cayman ( sorry no picture it got away it's quite elusive).

Many Thanks to the Macloed Farley family for the pictures and also for being great guests and all around awesome people. They spent an afternoon with Luis and came back with all these amazing pictures. Everything is taken in the Mangroves just behind playa Escameca, Just a short walk away from Costa Dulce. There are many birds, mammals, and reptiles to be seen, here are quite a few but so many more are right in front of our eyes (well camouflaged).

Every guest who comes and stays at our eco-lodge will help contribute to conserving this beautiful ecosystem. Part of the proceeds of your stay go to our Collado Project. The forest above that feeds this river. Reforestation and conservation of the forest helps save the precious fresh water.

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Costa Dulce is the premier eco-lodge, hotel, beach resort  and retreat centre near San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

We help you host yoga retreats, yoga teacher trainings, fitness retreats, business retreats, family gatherings and weddings.


At Costa Dulce we genuinely care about our environment and we plant trees for all people flying into our little paradise. This way we can maintain our beautiful habitat, while simultaneously employing & empowering local people in a sustainable economic model.

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