The Escamequita Project

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Barrio Planta Project, Escamequita

Costa Dulce Wellness Resort along with Casa Verdad, has partnered with the Barrio Planta Project (BPP) we have launched a rural education project in Escamequita, the little town near Costa Dulce.

Here, many students lack access to basic education, especially secondary school, and begin work in agriculture to help support their families at a very young age. Costa Dulce, working with BPP wants to implement a new educational model in the rural areas and incorporating an agricultural education component.

Now in its second year of operating in a temporary location, we have established an English school for elementary school children and now added a garden to help them learn about plants and food. We have purchased the land for a new school but still need funds to help build a new school and maintain the current program we have operating.

This project is critical for the youth of Escamequita as the current drop out rate is over 95%.

We have established a trip once a week to visit the school for all hotel guests and yoga retreat attendees. This makes it super easy for yoga retreats to have some genuine cultural interaction and do some real good on your vacation. Not to mention it’s super fun hanging out with the kids, they are always stoked!

Please help us build a school and brighten the future for many children. Donations can be made through Barrio Planta Project here.

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