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Top 10 reasons to go on a yoga retreat to Costa Dulce Nicaragua

It is so difficult to convey the beauty of this place and it's people but I'll give it a try here. I hope you get a chance to visit and see it through your own eyes.

This place vibrates with good energy

Obvio!!! The yoga.

We are a yoga retreat centre and have quite possibly the best yoga studio in Nicaragua. Overlooking the jungle and beach, Howler monkey infused classes have been known to happen. Every morning start your day with a mindful Vinyasa flow, and unwind in the afternoons with a Yin class. Retreats start off with a workshop on consciousness/mindfulness to bring your mind to all the possibilities on hand. Meditations and workshops are peppered throughout the week. We are establishing a style of yoga particular to our state of mind and environment. Our first Costa Dulce School of Yoga Teacher Training is about to happen with many more to come.

The Food.

La Dulce Cocina is amazing. Most people have the idea of eating less when they come on a retreat but the food is so good you can't help but indulge. Don't worry though, it's really healthy fare so you won't be getting fat. We have been switching to a more plant based diet and will have even the most carnivorous person enjoying a vegan meal. Not that they have to go vegan we do serve some meat, just not every meal. Super delicious, healthy homemade food!


We have a full service spa. All guests doing retreat packages get a one hour long massage in our seaside spa. Melt into the message table to the sounds of waves breaking in the background. You can always tell when someone has had a massage as they wander by in a blissed out state. If you want more, you can have more. At just $30 for hour long massages the price is right And we do much more than just massages, organic body or face scrubs, mani/pedis.


Simply put this is paradise. Nestled at the end of valley on the beach and in the jungle. If you've seen pictures but haven't been here it's way more beautiful than any camera can capture. The beach is out of a tropical dream with waves for surfing. And the jungle bursting with life and runs right down to the beach. The only neighbours are our friendly beach bar Las Tortugas plus a few monkeys, iguanas, parrots and the occasional fisherman.


Nicaragua is it's own country. If you have been to Costa Rica before you will immediately notice the difference. The Nicaraguan people have not been taken over by North American culture, no Burger King here. They are distinct in their culture by being warm, welcoming and grateful to have travellers get to know their beautiful land. They have separate traditions many of which spill out into the streets in the form of parades. It's a very festive and happy culture.


When you get here you will feel the breeze, the Papagayos. A local wind for southern Nicaragua that will have you comfortable no matter where you come from. Dry not humid, so no sweaty sticky afternoons here, just cool breezes. These winds blow nearly 300 hundred days a year, so dry or green season you are comfortable almost all year long.

It's close

Bali, India, Sri Lanka far flung tropical destinations that are perfect for a yoga retreat until you take into account your carbon footprint. Flying halfway around the world for a weeklong vacation doesn't really make a lot of sense now that we know how much damage we are doing. But flying a quarter of that distance to a place that plants trees does make sense. Our goal here is not sustainable travel but regenerative travel. Your vacation will be good for the planet. Included in your yoga retreat package is a contribution to our carbon offset program, which plants trees and preserves land for future generations.

Added bonus. Two airports to choose from. Managua (MGA) for the straight shot. And Liberia (LIR) Costa Rica for the savvy traveler. A border to cross but can be well worth it depending on the savings on airline tickets. Both are equal distance away.


Everyone leaves Costa Dulce with new friends. Real long lasting relationships. Friends. Guests and staff. Costa Dulce has been designed as a social place we want interaction between everyone, from meals, yoga class to our daily activities you are always mixing it up and getting to know one another and bonding through shared experiences.


We can remember what life was like. Get up, hurry up and eat your breakfast your late! Run out the door, commute, work, commute, eat, sleep, repeat. Not here. Your circadian rhythm will return, rise with the sun, eat because you are hungry not because it's time. Put your phone down pick it up days later. Sleep when sun goes down.


Come to Nicaragua for a retreat that resets you and leaves you relaxed and happy. A retreat here will introduce you to mindfulness and have you tuning in to new vibrations. People will notice the difference you've returned sun kissed and and singing a new tune. Relaxed, happy with the world as it can be. Content.

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At Costa Dulce we genuinely care about our environment and we plant trees for all people flying into our little paradise. This way we can maintain our beautiful habitat, while simultaneously employing & empowering local people in a sustainable economic model.

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