Surfing Utopia


Costa Dulce really is an Utopia for surfers. Ideal conditions prevail each and every day. Oh yeah-ah. 

Reality for many surfers from pro to novato (beginner in Spanish) is their local surf spot is crowded. Too many people and limited amount of waves can make surfing really hard. Here we are in the sweet spot, just far enough away from town that we don't get to many extra people in the water, so most of the time it's just people staying at the resort.  If you've ever had a surf lesson at a crowded beach you will know the trouble of learning around a lot of people. And every experienced surfer knows the frustration of too many people in the lineup. 

Wake up in the morning or not; thanks to the beautiful Papagayo winds. In many places around the world you are restricted to surfing early in the morning and sometimes you get a little bit of time in during the afternoon. In southern Nicaragua you get offshore winds 10 months of the year. Offshore all day nearly all year long. The only things you have to work around is the tides and your massage appointment. 

Your day can start early with not a care in the world, find your way to the dining area where first breakfast waits for you. Fresh in season fruit, homemade granola, the best homemade yogurt, coffee and tea are all available when the sun comes up. 

Yoga class? With classes twice a day you never have to choose between surf or yoga.

Second breakfast? Full on breakfast buffet awaits. Eggs, gallo pinto, pancakes, smoothies, etc... you won't have enough room on your plate, no worries though just go back for more. If you are vegan or vegetarian we've got you covered and in style. Delicious family style lunch and dinner to follow. Snacks all day and desert after dinner. And if the waves are pumping and you won't be around for a meal no problem just let girls in the kitchen know and we set a plate aside for you.

While Costa Dulce is really healthy we also really enjoy a cold tona apres surf so there is an honor bar in the lounge. Help yourself when you feel the need 24 hours a day. And chilling out on the beach is easy thanks to the super convenient bar Rancho las Tortugas, serving cold beers and the best margaritas around.

Every day we have an engaging activity to connect you to the environment and community. Be it a jungle hike in our nature reserve or a trip to the nearby elementary school. If you just need to decompress, do nothing. Swing in a hammock lie on the beach. 


Sooner or later you are going to have to get that massage that is included. 

Here is where your soul gets to feel good. Something that is stressing everybody out is the state of our planet. By staying at here you are helping save the planet. Part of the retreat price is a carbon offset, you plant trees and help our nature reserve grow by visiting Costa Dulce. 

The Waves Out Front

Costa Dulce is located on Playa Escameca Grande, about a half an hour south of the backpacker hub of San Juan del Sur. The ecolodge is built up the hillside above the beach. We have so many great rooms for surfer and you are so close you will never miss a session ( unless you are surfed out) . From most of the rooms you can do a surf check without even getting out of bed or your hammock. 

Right in front of the hotel is the right. Semi point break right with a sandy bottom, very consistent and user friendly, most people will choose this wave out of convenience it's right in front of you. 

The middle of the beach has variety of sandy bottom beach break peaks for you to choose from. Rights and lefts. 

And down at the far end the Escameca left. A rivermouth/point that is fed from rio escameca, on a big south swell you get some grinding left barrels that can leave you completely shacked or maybe snap you stick. It's rare you have anyone to surf with down here so bring a buddy. 

The Experience:

༄ 7 nights in one of our beach bungalows

༄ 6 surf lessons lasting as long as you want including transportation to the best waves for you

༄ 1 yoga class per day

༄ 4 delicious meals from Dulce Cocina including pre-breakfast, buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner, & baked/fresh fruit snacks

༄ Purified drinking water, fresh fruit juices & smoothies served with meals, unlimited coconuts!

༄  Introduction to turtle conservation & opportunity to see release baby turtles

༄ 60 minute massage in our on-site spa

༄ Other activities: bonfire, guided jungle/waterfall tour, trip to San Juan del Sur

The Waves Nearby

So you want to get barrelled, shacked, tubed, drained, maybe even spat out?


Playa Yankee can do that. A perfect natural left hand wedge, or on an opposing tide a grinding right hander. Sand bottom stand up barrels, yes please. 

A short drive away is Playa Hermosa. And it is truly hermosa when you get there the same problem always arises. What peak do I surf ? Dozens of perfect peaks up down this 3 km long beach make this a hard decision. If it's small to mid size the longboard can be amazing but also fun on a short board tons turns to be made. 

When the waves get big this is our go to spot holding well into the double overhead range. 

We also have a few secret spots we won't mention. And if there is a particular spot in Southern Nicaragua you are dying to surf we'll get you there, our guides are dying to go as well ;) 



Prices are per person and do not include local tax of 15%:

May to Oct                             Single/Private   $1260   Double  $945  Shared $805  

Nov to Apr                             Single/Private   $1635   Double  $1120  Shared $945

One week is never enough. Receive 20% off you second week!

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Costa Dulce is the premier eco-lodge, hotel, beach resort  and retreat centre near San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

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At Costa Dulce we genuinely care about our environment and we plant trees for all people flying into our little paradise. This way we can maintain our beautiful habitat, while simultaneously employing & empowering local people in a sustainable economic model.

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