“Ann is the in-house yoga teacher and she is quite simply the best yoga teacher we’ve ever had class with.” – Zach

Welcome to Costa Dulce’s School of Yoga


January 21, to February 13th, 2022 

 At Costa Dulce’s School of Yoga in Nicaragua, yoga is approached as a lifelong process of conscious exploration, discovery and growth. 

With our Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program we wish to enrich your life by offering you a steady foundation to show up with more love up for yourself, your students and life as a whole. Say yes to our course if you are ready for a  life-changing transformation. We would love to get in touch with you personally to align your intentions and guide you with most love and care on this super exciting journey 

 Our Yoga Teacher Training improves the mind-body-spirit relationship, as well as your relationship to your surroundings. The main intention of our training journey is to wake you up to  your fullest potential and empower you with tools to translate these ancient teachings into your day-to-day life.  

   The Costa Dulce Yoga TT offers you a foundational framework  of both ancient techniques of yoga (Hatha Yoga, Kundalini, Vedic history) combined with more modern and alternative influences from science and spirituality (psychotherapy and neuroscience. 

 The Costa Dulce Hatha Yoga Teacher training combines ancient, high-quality teachings of Asana (posture), Pranayama (breathwork), Dhyana (Meditation) and a strong (philosophical) framework with more contemporary approach to self-development and empowerment.

 At Costa Dulce you live a magical dream with your eyes open. Throughout the full duration of the course you’ll find yourself united with our beautiful natural paradise, its potential and its power.

 Far away from society, its conditioning and ways, you’ll reinvent yourself, as you’ll learn to tap into and express your inherent, dormant potential.

 Self-acceptance, love and courage are key aspects of the Costa Dulce Teacher training. Gradually release fear and mostly enjoy – as you proceed- this beautiful life & yoga journey. Are you ready to step into your own truth guided by our talented team and walk your life’s path with more confidence and consciously? 

 Now is a good time to show up for yourself with more compassion on and off your mat. The magical environment at Costa Dulce will balance your mind, body and energy and enable a life filled with possibility.

 Our 200 hour Transformative Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in the jungle of Nicaragua is a life-changing experience that supports your personal & professional growth and translates it far beyond the yoga Shala.

Get ready to change your perspective and reality forever and become the active creator of the beautiful life you deserve.


Yoga Teacher Training with Ann & Monica

Why choose our Transformative

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua?


The Costa Dulce Yoga Teacher Training offers a personal development process that extends far beyond your yoga mat. OUR MAIN BELIEF IS THAT YOU ARE YOUR GREATEST TEACHER AND GUIDE. We offer you accessible, life-changing tools/ instruments to integrate self-empowerment and leadership into your life and to enable your life as a journey of (self-) discovery. Get ready to love yourself fully, speak your truth and show up in your life with courage and compassion.


We keep training group sizes small, as we choose quality over quantity.  With the small-group size we ensure a therapeutic approach with an open, accessible and connected environment for both students and teachers. There is a great level of individual attention and engagement within the group, which helps you to share openly and with confidence.


Your presence helps to save turtles, to preserve ecosystems, and to create education and income opportunities for the local community. Besides you’ll become empowered implement changes into your own lifestyle and community that will make you a more conscious and compassionate human being.We believe everything is connected and that the greatest and most sustainable change always starts within ourself. 



Escape society and its daily stresses and immerse into paradise at Costa Dulce. Nature awakens your true state of awareness and will make you feel more alive and connected than you could ever imagine. Our Shala’s are outdoor and have incredible views, you might even spot a dolphin or turtle…. Are you ready to (re)discover the connection of a lifetime – to yourself and the natural world around?

More than yoga – Treat yourself with a stay at Costa Dulce Natural Paradise

Yoga and your personal journey of self-discovery is definitely the highlight of your training … But there is more ….

During your training experience you will enjoy individually catered, organic and farm-to-table food. You can treat yourself with an energy healing/Reiki and wellness treatments in our professional spa and you can enjoy beach time, surf, release baby sea turtles and more! 

At Costa Dulce we excel at offering life-changing experiences to all visitors !


Our Talented Team – Your Teachers

Our teachers are ready to support and empower you both on and off your yoga mat. They will help you protect your boundaries, but push yourself if necessary. For our team your personal evolution & growth is priority.

Read more about your lead trainers & our team here 

Ann Schreppers

Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin (TCM), Trancework / Akashic Study

Ann’s mission is to raise awareness and love on our planet. She believes that the journey of Yoga is about remembering your unlimited inherent potential and life’s possibilities to create.

With a background in classical ballet and dance, she is passionate about the creative process of connecting fluid movement to the breath. She believes that the shapes our body can take, are a representation of the many shapes our life can take through consciousness.

  Ann’s teachings are all about curiosity, self-love and empowerment, while learning to show up for yourself in all moments and days. Ann has over 5000 hours of teaching experience worldwide in multiple styles. She finished over 1000 of hours of Training in Hatha Yoga, loves silent retreats, profound self-exploration and empowerment, philosophy, psychology, (conscious) communication, education, spirituality, surf,… And of course to enjoy the magical explorative nature of life itself!

‘Self-love sets free. Let your soul shape your reality’

Monica Munguia

Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Kundalini, Thai Massage, Energy Work

Drawn to yoga off and on since 1997, it was ultimately the thing that helped Monica to find more freedom – and it continues to do so. After attending a yoga retreat in Nicaragua in 2014, she realized how disconnected she had become to herself and what she truly wanted. She then left her job, relationship, country, and the societally approved path to pursue her lifelong dream of living abroad.

As such, she believes yoga is a tool of transformation. By reuniting body, breath, and mind, we can move beyond the past, social conditioning, unconscious habit patterns, limiting beliefs, and our small separate sense of self in order to rediscover our true nature. It’s her life’s work to share this with others as she believes that to change the world we must start with ourselves, and as we reconnect with ourselves in yoga, we reconnect with others and the planet for the ultimate benefit of all.

Her style is influenced by her training in yoga anatomy, Thai yoga healing massage, reiki, and yoga life coaching. A former scientist and one-time wilderness therapy field guide, she brings her scientific mind and sense of adventure to her teaching.

‘Yoga frees us from the limitations of the mind so we can reconnect with our true selves and fulfill our highest potential. It’s a practice of coming home.’

The Transformative Team

Environmental entrepreneurship – Tim (www.vitalactions.org)

Tim, Director of Vital Actions, has spent a lifetime of working around environmental entrepreneurship and activism. With his own turtle hatchery, reforesting project (together with Costa Dulce) and as a rescuer of many animals, he shares with us the tricks and tools to environmental leadership.

Art to express the soul – Manu (The Art Warehouse, San Juan del Sur)

Artist and altruist Manu has her own art gallery in San Juan del Sur, where recycling and upcycling play a central role. She will facilitate a vision board workshop in our training, to manifest the desires from the soul into the physical world. Besides, she is happy to share art projects she does with kids in the neighboring villages (‘Amarte’ – which means, love yourself).

Yoga Therapy – Ruth Singbeil

Ruth is a 500-hour RYT specializing in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yoga Therapy, with additional certification in Yoga Nidra, Yoga Psychology, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Chronic Pain, and the Therapeutic Relationship.
Her passion for teaching yoga is to guide students to gain greater awareness of the mind-body breath connection. Inviting balance to the organs, the muscles, the nervous system, and the emotional body through the practice of asanas, meditation, and pranayama.

Apply now for your Yoga Teacher Training

Our Yoga Teacher Training offers an individual approach with a maximum of 12 students per training. We have a personalized application procedure to align intentions between student and teacher. This is an important aspect of the personal growth experience and journey.

To inquire about the Yoga Teacher Training program, write us an e-mail with your name, age, yoga experience, any physical limitations you might have and a short motivation.Or you can directly get in touch with Ann and schedule a call to proceed in this life-changing process. 

Intrinsic motivation and genuine interest in personal growth/yoga/consciousness are more important than your experience level. Still, it is highly recommended to have a basic body awareness and yoga experience prior to starting the training.

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