Traveling to Costa Dulce

Here is how it works: You book the flights. We arrange the rest.

Inbound travel:
Available airports: Liberia (Costa Rica), San José (Costa Rica) and Managua (Nicaragua)

Once  you’re there one of our professional private drivers will pick you up directly at the airport and bring you all the way to us.

If you land in Costa Rica then the drivers will help you with the border crossing into Nicaragua.

Outbound travel: You can fly out from Managua. If you need a COVID-19 test to reenter your home country we will take you to Managua to get the test. You can then combine the trip with a visit of the volcano or Laguna de Apoyo, if you wish to. Afterwards you can chose to either spend the last one or two nights at Costa Dulce or at a partner accommodation at Laguna de Apoyo. The test center in Managua offers same day results.

Some of the offers come with an extra charge and you have to pay for your COVID-19 tests, but we will make sure that everythig you need is arranged.

How to get here during Covid-19

(Last updated 21.01.2021)


There are different ways to get to Costa Dulce. Here are the ones that we find most convenient:

Flying to Managua:
There are direct flights with Avianca from Miami and El Salvador. Avianca is the only airline that reliably flies to Managua at the moment (01/2021). Watch out: Other airlines say so, but actually don’t, for example Spirit! The difficulty here is that Avianca requires you to send your negative Covid 19 test results to them not later than 36 hours before your flight. At the same time your test cannot be older than 72 hours when entering Nicaragua. That leaves only a small window to get the test results. That’s why we recommend coming through Costa Rica:

Through Costa Rica
Costa Rica is open to everyone and does not require a negative Covid-19 test. To get into Costa Rica you need:

  • a specific health insurance which you can buy per day (see here for more information – you can get the health insurance for example through Heymondo or the official Sagicor Insurance)
  • a filled out health pass (this one here)
  • proof for onwards travel, for example your outward flight or a bus ticket.

Equipped like that you can get a flight either to San José or to Liberia. If you can, pick Liberia, as it is closer to the border to Nicaragua.

We will arrange private transport all the way from the airport to us, with drivers who will help you cross the border and make sure you have everything that you need. See the transportation fares below.

To get into Nicaragua – no matter if via air or land border – you need

  • a negative Covid-19 test not older than 72 hours
  • At the land border that test needs to be a printout on paper, not electronical.

Please be aware: At the time of the last update (21.01.2021) the land border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua is only open one way! So you can get from Costa Rica into Nicaragua, but you then need to fly out of country, e.g. from Managua, or travel further somewhere else.

There is a very helpful Facebook group called “Nicaragua Flight / Travel Info Group” with up to date information about how to get into Nicaragua from different countries. Check it out!

Whichever way you’re coming into Nicaragua, we’re happy to help you arrange your travel and make sure that everything goes smooth.

Do you have any questions? Scroll down to our contact form and let us know!

On the Ground

The easiest way to get to Costa Dulce is by using one of our trusted, friendly and professional ground transportation providers. 

Managua - Costa Dulce
Private $110 or Shared $35
Liberia - Costa Dulce

Private $120 or Shared $40

San Juan Del Sure - Costa Dulce

Private $25 or Shared $8

San Juan Del Sure - Costa Dulce (Round Trip)

Private $45 or Shared $15

Penas Blancas (border) - Costa Dulce

Private $50 or Shared $15

San Jorge (Ometepe Ferry) - Costa Dulce

Private $50 or Shared $15

Costa Dulce - Playa Hermosa (Round Trip)

Private $50 or Shared $15

Costa Dulce - Playa Remanso (Round Trip)

Private $50 or Shared $15

Anywhere Else in Nicaragua or Costa Rica

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Driver Contacts

Contact: Irma Gutierrez

Email: [email protected]

Phone or whatsapp: +505-8513-6033

Location: Nicaragua

Contact: Alfonso Hurtado

Email: [email protected]

Phone or whatsapp: +505-7610-1278

Location: Nicaragua

Contact: Johnny Rojas

Phone or whatsapp: +506-606-6291

Location: Liberia, Costa Rica



MGA Iskra

Local Bus: Contact Us for Information

San Juan Del Sur – Costa Dulce, stop Chicken Bus


Border + Customs

IMPORTANT: To enter Nicaragua you will be required to have a minimum of 6 month passport validity.
To fly into Costa Rica with a one-way ticket you will need to present proof of onward travel, this can be a bus ticket or a flight itinerary.

Entering Nicaragua: $12
Leaving Nicaragua: $3
Entering Costa Rica: free
Leaving Costa Rica: $8 (unless you are in the country for less than 12 hours in which case it is free.


If you are driving your own vehicle you can find your way to us using Google Maps.

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