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“The yoga has been absolutely fantastic. The classes are well thought out and come from a place of genuine love to yoga.” – Chad

Yoga Retreat Nicaragua

At Costa Dulce yoga is a key element nourishing our lifestyle of presence, enjoyment, and freedom. We believe Yoga and wellness for all is the key to taking care of ourselves, our surroundings, and our community as a whole.

Costa Dulce has three ocean-view yoga shalas offering a 360-degree immersion into the lush Nicaraguan jungle. Join us for a yoga retreat or training with our passionate team and wake up to experience the magic of Southern Nicaragua. 


‘’As the soft breeze strokes, your skin and the ocean soothe your soul… Every breath is a reminder of the peace of coming home.’’

Choose your ideal Yoga Retreat at Costa Dulce

Experience Costa Dulce through our Yogi’s Delight Retreat Package

A week-long yoga retreat is the best way to experience the beauty of what Costa Dulce, and Nicaragua, has to offer. Soak in presence and remember the bountiful possibilities that reside in your essence..

In our Main Yoga Shala you start your morning with an invigorating practice and end your day with a majestic sunset and meditative practice. You’ll be nourished with the best & most fresh delicious farm-to-table meals and can treat yourself with daily spa & energy healing treatments.

Breathwork, ceremony, and meditation are important aspects of our weekly experience, liberating and expanding your energy.

Our Yogi's Delight signature yoga retreat includes:
  • Daily Yoga (two classes per day)
  • One 60 minute massage
  • Introduction to sea turtle conservation
  • Guided jungle walk and animal spotting
  • Trip to San Juan del Sur (local tourist hub)
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Temazcal (Mesoamerican sweat lodge)
  • Beach Bonfire

And if you’d like to add daily Surf and/or Spa to your Yoga Retreat, then you’ll enjoy the following!

Other Yoga Retreat Packages

Full Body Nourishment - Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Fully relax during our Yoga and Wellness retreat. Deepen your connection with your body and your surroundings through yoga and different spa experiences.

Surfin' Yogi's Utopia - Surf & Yoga Retreat

Start your day with yoga and then head to the beach to catch year-round surfable waves just footsteps from your room. It sounds like a dream, but it is the reality here at Costa Dulce. 

La Vida Dulce - Surf, Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Indulge all of you senses with the best of the sweet coast. This is your chance to do it all, the all in option. Surf, yoga, and spa all day, every day.

** Up to $40 spa treatment value each day

“Daily yoga in one of the most stunning yoga shalas I have ever practiced in, overlooking the jungle and incredible beach and ocean sprawling out below. Every time I close my eyes to think about paradise, that is what I see and will never forget it.” – Svetik82

“The yoga studio, let’s just say, it was love at first sight. Katelyn is a knowledgeable attentive instructor with a beautiful spirit. Breathing into shapes to the constant sound of rolling ocean waves, the wind on my skin and a spectacular view was far more than a grounding experience.”

“Ann is the in-house yoga teacher and she is quite simply the best yoga teacher we’ve ever had class with. My wife actually decided to switch her yoga teacher training from what she had already planned in Vermont, USA, to the teacher training that Ann and Monica are putting on in Nicaragua every summer.”

“Apart from the physical benefits of the challenging yet accessible sessions, I was blown away by Monica’s intuition. It was like she was reading my mind, and even in that short time I felt like I learned a lot of really useful tools.”

“We had a very lovely time at Costa Dulce! We were there for 6 nights and attended yoga daily. The yoga teachers were very experienced and we were given the opportunity to improve our practice. It was a very supportive environment.”

“I just returned from my week-long yoga retreat at Costa Dulce with my friend and I can not recommend staying here enough!” – Cassandra

“An incredible paradise where you can Learn to surf from amazing instructors , have a daily yoga practice in a studio with a beautiful view of the ocean and forest taught by knowledgeable and skilled yogi’s.” – Rhonda Taylor

Weekly Yoga Class Schedule

At Costa Dulce, we begin and end most days with yoga. We firmly believe in the incredible benefits that come from practicing yoga twice a day. While we understand the importance of switching things up, like we do on Saturday mornings with our Myofascial Release Workshops, rest assured that you won’t miss your daily dose of zen.

Our team of exceptional yoga teachers from around the world brings a variety of styles to our sessions, ensuring a dynamic experience. While the specific styles may vary based on our current facilitators during your retreat, you can generally expect consistent timings week after week. Join us on this journey of inner peace and wellness at Costa Dulce.

7:30AM Deep Flow
4:30PM Sunset Flow @ Lookout
7:30AM Vinyasa
7:30PM Yin
7:30AM Bhakti Flow
4:30PM Sunset Flow @ Lookout
7:30AM Vinyasa
7:30PM Yin
7:30AM Chill Flow
7:30PM Restorative
7:30AM Vinyasa
4:30PM Sunset Flow @ Lookout
7:30AM Vinyasa II
11:00AM Myofascial Release Workshop

Weekly Nicaragua Yoga Retreat Schedule

Upcoming Yoga Trainings & Workshops

Costa Dulce School of Yoga offers immersive experiences that touch and transform all layers of yourself in an environment that nourishes its people and our beautiful planet. 

Our School is an intentional space that awakens your senses and soul to a greater awareness of your dormant potential. It’s a deep dive into and through yourself, supported by a nourishing foundation of peace and presence.

For us, Yoga is all about the journey, a sacred discovery filled with curiosity. It’s a reminder that we’re always right where and how we’re supposed to be. 

Join us for a single class, a signature retreat, a mini-training or a complete yoga teacher training. All of our trainings are certified by Yoga Alliance and offer incredible opportunities to gain confidence and courage through authentic connection to yourself.

Are you ready to explore your practice in a safe, sacred, and inspiring place? Join us if you feel called to get to transform fear and hesitation into courage and a lifelong exploration.

We are available to answer your questions and cater for your most unique yoga journey of expansion.


Are you ready to discover ‘true yoga and your true Self’ in our beautiful and blissful community?


SPRING 2024: May 11 – June 8
FALL 2024: September 7 – October 5

Our training is constructed around the mind-body-spirit relationship and aims to balance the physical, mental & energetic body through ancient techniques of yoga (Lyengar, Hatha, Kundalini, Vedic history, etc.) in combination with modern sciences (psychotherapy and neuroscience).

Join us in Nicaragua for the ultimate Yoga Teacher Training retreat experience!

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