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“We had the best body massages – I had to go back for a second time before we left. We also ended up extending our stay as we found it very hard to leave.” – Lizelle

Spa &Wellness at Costa Dulce

The Costa Dulce Spa is a true wellness heaven, where the sound of the ocean soothes you in a beautiful natural scenery! Treat your body with a relaxing massage, nourish your body/face with a natural mask or energize your body and skin with our signature coffee/ coconut oil scrub, two of Nicaragua’s finest ingredients.

Our professional team of masseuses and beauty experts is here to take care of your body, mind and soul. Pamper yourself with fresh local products, carefully selected to create your unique wellness experience.

A unique feature of our spa is our temazcal. The mesoamerican sweat lodge gives yourself a moment of peace and relaxation in this House of Steam, a place to be in contact with the elements of nature, where health through water and sounds are paramount.

Our mesoamerican sweat lodge.

Our Wellness Retreat Package

massage nicaragua

Full Body Nourishment Spa & Yoga Retreat

Fully relax during our Yoga and Wellness retreat. Deepen your connection with your body and your surroundings through yoga and different spa experiences.

Our signature yoga and wellness retreat includes:
  • Daily Yoga (two classes per day) *
  • Choice of daily spa treatment (up to $40 value each day)
  • Introduction to sea turtle conservation
  • Guided jungle walk and animal spotting
  • Trip to San Juan del Sur (local tourist hub)
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Temazcal (Mesoamerican sweat lodge)
  • Beach Bonfire

Learn more about our Yoga Program.

Our 6-Week Holistic Wellness Program

Gut & Mind Reset

Experience a unique 2-week wellness retreat and extended support program that promises to reset your body and mind, educate on and provide a blend of traditional & modern wellness tools, paving the way for a rejuvenated life.

Spa Packages for Overnight Guests


༄ 90min Relaxing or 75 Minute Deep Tissue Massage
༄ Body scrub + Mask
༄ Facial + Foot Massage
༄ Manicure + Pedicure



༄ 60min relaxing massage
༄ 90min relaxing massage
༄ 75min deep tissue massage
༄ Body scrub + mask
༄ Facial + Foot massage
༄ Manicure + Pedicure


Pure Indulgence

༄ 60min relaxing massage
༄ 90min relaxing massage
༄ 75min deep tissue massage
༄ 4 handed massage
༄ Body scrub + mask
༄ Facial + Foot massage
༄ Manicure + Pedicure


Spa Packages for Day Visitors


༄ 90min relaxing or 75 minute deep tissue massage

༄ Body scrub + mask

༄ Breakfast, lunch or dinner


Spa Services

Our spa is open to the public. To book your treatment please contact us.

Relaxing Massage 60min or 90min

Tap into the body’s natural healing power, improve circulation, and release all physical and mental stress in our paradise spa.


Deep Tissue Massage 75min 

A deep tissue massage is a powerful massage technique to restore the balance in the body. Through deep massage movements circulation in the muscles is restored, the energy flow is stimulated and the body can release stress and tension. After a deep tissue massage, your body can feel stiff from the massage by toxins being released. Making sure you stay hydrated is key to enjoy the benefits of this deep body treatment.

Four-handed Massage 60min 

Four-handed massage or abhyanga comes from the Ayurvedic tradition and is an integral part of optimal physical health. Two massage therapists work synchronically on the different body parts, so you can surrender completely into this unique experience. Nourish the skin with essential oils, while being immersed in this ancient healing experience.


Body masks or scrubs 

Full body Scrub : Base of either coffee or Cacoa combined with brown sugar & coconut oil

Exfoliate your skin and prepare to get sun-kissed with our signature coffee scrub treatment. Discover the benefits of Nicaraguan’s coffee and its many antioxidants, that will make you feel and look younger and energized. This body treatment is finished by a RAW and fresh chocolate facial mask.

Raw chocolate full body treatment

Does this need any more words? Cacao is definitely our favorite ingredient with multiple natural antioxidants and health-boosting minerals which makes it a true gift for your body, mind, and soul.

Aloe vera & cucumber full body treatment

Aloe vera and cucumber is the ultimate magic combination for every skin type and problem. It’s the perfect treatment after a day of tanning at the beach: nourishing, antibacterial, and highly suitable for sensitive skin types. Besides, it will make your skin more tight & bright.

Facial treatment with vapor cleans + mask

Vapor cleanse

In the first stage of the facial treatment, the pores are cleaned through facial steam. Through the steam, your pores cleanse by causing you to sweat, which helps push any dirt and debris out.

Scrub : brown sugar, oil & honey

This natural exfoliant is both nourishing and soothing. Clean your pores, wash away old cells, and enjoy a clean and smooth skin with improved structure.

Cucumber face mask

Although cucumber exists of 95 % water, the vegetable is filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that help you to restore the skin. It is both useful to tone oily skin or moisturize dry skin.

Chocolate, yogurt and honey face mask

Nicaraguan’s chocolate and cacao are not only amazing to consume, but also for skincare. Using this as a beauty product, makes your skin look amazing. It is anti-aging, prevents blackheads, and has strong anti-aging qualities.

Aloe vera & honey face mask

Aloe vera has been praised for its skin healing properties for a long time. A mask is a perfect choice after spending some time in the sun, nourishing and preventing aging. Besides, it tackles acne and restores the natural balance of the skin.

Pedicure or Manicure 

Enjoy the combination of hand and/or foot massage, while giving them a deeply nourishing treatment, finished by picking your favorite color for your toe/fingernails.

Foot reflexology 

By massaging specific points on the feet, the whole body can benefit. This treatment has profound holistic benefits, like reducing anxiety and improving your overall well being.

Depilation with hot wax

Hot wax depilation is a safe and effective technique to remove unwanted hair growth on the body/face and it’s less painful than regular depilation because the wax opens the pores of the skin for effective and easy hair removal.

“The massages were also some of the best we’ve experienced (including at high end spas in NYC). Mara and Octavia were both wonderful” Dani

“SPA..literally hit the massage every day…AWESOMENESS..gotta try the chocolate body scrub. Courtesy of Octavia”


“Shout out to girls from the spa as well: I received one of the best massages in my life, no lie. And I got a cacao facial done, which felt so great.”


“great spa services. I highly recommend the four handed massage followed by a siesta in the hammock at the beach.”


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Costa Dulce Surf & Yoga Retreat

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