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“Every meal is beyond delicious, and offers plenty of variety while staying healthy and fresh……. The desserts were out of this world!”


We strive to produce less garbage in our kitchen by not using processed foods.

Chemical Free

We always choose organic when available.

Footprint Conscious

Always local, and supporting our producers to improve practices

Rica Delicious Food from Our Kitchen “la Dulce Cocina” will Help Nourish your Nature

Enjoy healthy fresh vegan and Gluten-free meal options at Costa Dulce Retreat.

Our food has consistently been one of our favorite features for guests, where most find our farm-to-table kitchen to be a highlight of their trip. La Dulce Cocina takes pride in serving you healthy and delicious local food. We pay extra attention to selecting locally grown fresh ingredients so our menu changes with the seasons.

​​We consider food to be a pillar of well being. Good food not only means that it’s deliciously kind to our taste buds, but also that it is good for our body, our planet and our communities. A true nourishment for ourselves and our surroundings. We understand how important individual dietary needs in order to feel good and that’s our main goal.

Note: We happily cater to most dietary needs including vegan, vegetarian, carnivores, celiacs and food allergies. 

Costa Dulce Recipe Book

Ready for a taste of what you will have at Costa Dulce Retreat?

Check out the first edition of the Dulce Cocina Cookbook and enjoy some of your favorites at home.

“The women in the kitchen are incredible cooks and while the majority of what we were served was vegetarian they accommodated meat-eaters and food allergies as well. I am both vegetarian and GF and I was blown away by the amazing meals (4 per day) that were prepared.”

– Cami

Our nutritious food program brought to you by La Dulce Cocina

All guests have Costa Dulce’s abundant food program included in their stay. The program is designed for active lifestyles and includes all-day fruit, coffee, tea, as well as baked goods and desserts in addition to 4 meals. Fresh Coco’s and homemade Kombucha are also often available for guests.

Note: We welcome drop-in visitors for meals.

Meal Schedule

From 06:00 – 09:00

From 09:00 – 10:00

From 13:00 – 14:00

From 18:00 – 19:00

Meal Program Questions or Restrictions?

We are happy to accommodate you! 

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our meal program.

A Sample Menu from a day at the Dulce Cocina


Our famous homemade granola and yogurt with a selection of fresh tropical fruits.

Breakfast buffet

Seasonally fresh smoothie pico de gallo (freshly made salsa), hash browns, Ripe plantain empanadas (ripe plantains stuffed with beans and cheese), guacamole, stir fried greens, pesto omelette and gluten free pancakes.

breakfast nicaragua


Fresh fish or vegan tacos, home fries, served with a seasonally fresh juice.

lunch nicaragua


Nicaraguan traditional BBQ buffet locally raised organic chicken and pork, variety of bbq’d veggies, gallo pinto, avocado, fried ripe plantain, garden fresh salad, pico de gallo, baked squash, chimichurri and veggie ferment.

lunch nicaragua

A One of a Kind Dining Experience

During meal times you will connect with fellow travelers while taking in the view of the waves crashing below and the Costa Rican Santa Elena peninsula in the background. 

“From its dining terrace you have the most gorgeous ocean view (whale watching included). The smashing of the waves is the constant rhythm in the background, mingled with the sound of tropical rainfall and of monkeys who live in the surrounding trees.”

– Maren


We have a well-stocked honor bar in the Casa Ola ocean view lounge.​ We offer cold beers, rum, wine, sodas, and fresh cocos available 24-hours a day. Just help yourself and we will add it to your bill.

“….While Costa Dulce is the perfect place for devoted surfers and yogis, it’s also totally cool if you simply want to enjoy the views sipping on a tropical drink.” – Daniela

Rancho Las Tortugas

‘Rancho Las Tortugas’ is independently run by a coop of local women and serves refreshing cocktails, smoothies, and ceviche on the beach.

“The food was amazing for the duration of the trip including (Rancho Las Tortugas) the small bar that is unrelated to Costa Dulce but serves excellent ceviche and mixed drinks :).” – Zach

Meet Your Chefs

Costa Dulce Chefs Elisa & Paola

Elisa & Paola love cooking and are passionate about discovering new flavors and sharing them with a smile. On our Youtube Channel (Link) you find some of our favorite ‘Typical Nica’ recipes. 



“The chefs make the most amazing food and really enjoyed sitting around the large tables eating and chatting to the other guests and staff as they serve you the most tasty dishes.” – Josh

Carefully Selected Ingredients

All of our food is local and is carefully selected by our team on weekly markets, or directly from our neighborhood producers to ensure maximum freshness and minimum waste. We strive for plastic-free food production, that contributes to the health and wellbeing of all, including our planet earth, and of course you!

“The food is incredible; healthy, delicious seasonal produce sourced locally, served in a communal setting.” – Elyse, Tripadvisor

From Garden to Table

The Costa Dulce resident gardeners are busy growing fresh organic greens, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. We are happy to facilitate a tour of our garden during your stay if you’re interested.

“The food at Costa Dulce is unbelievable. Without a doubt some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. The food is fresh and the menu is different every day. I guarantee that once you visit Costa Dulce, you’ll not want to leave. Meals are served family style and this gives you a great way to connect with other travelers and share stories.”

– Cazzy

“I am a real foodie… and at Costa Dulce I just got spoiled like crazy with amazingly good (&healthy) food: fresh smoothies each day, salads, burritos, fagitas, soup, fish…. just really really good!”

– Zuzanna

The food, OH THE FOOD! Meals are made from scratch and with love from locally sourced ingredients – absolutely delicious! Dietary restrictions are happily accommodated, as well. The staff at Costa Dulce is friendly, helpful, flexible, and responsive to whatever needs may arise during your stay.”

– Becky K

“the food (delicious homemade meals with options for our vegetarian & gluten-free diets)”

– Jennifer- Tripadvisor

“Costa Dulce is a slice of heaven on earth. The staff makes you feel like family, the food is freshly prepared with local tropical fruits and dietary needs are available no problem.”

– Ivy

“FOOD..home cooked, delicious and abundant always went back for more.”

– Evan

“The food was delicious and very healthy, and the kitchen staff was able to accommodate my friends dairy allergy easily and without any issues. Each day highlighted both Latin and western-style foods, and they used very fresh and local ingredients in the variety of recipes they served. My friend and I arrived after lunch our first day, but the kitchen staff were very kind and made us a delicious stuffed avocado and pasta dish for us to eat after our long cab ride in!”

– Cassandra

“Foodies will love the great freshly made healthy food. I still miss that amazing breakfast! And the best part of this experience was the people and the community that Costa Dulce creates around it: from the staff and the management to the like-minded travelers who seem to naturally end up together in this beautiful eco-friendly resort. I will be back with no hesitation!”

– Kesnia

Ready to Experience the Peace and Tranquility at Costa Dulce?

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