Yoga Teacher Training: April 15 – May 13, 2023

Root yourself into your Soul in Nicaragua’s natural home.

 At Costa Dulce School of yoga we deeply respect the depth of the ancient teachings and blend them with the wisdom of modern day healing practices and research on personal wellbeing. Whether you have a desire to teach or not, our training program is suitable for every person who wishes to experience the variety of benefits of yoga on their body, mind and personal environment. Our training gives back to a better world through offering environmental and social support to the surrounding communities.

Join our nearly month long resident Yoga Teacher Training in paradise and change the way you see and experience life forever.

Or reach out to your lead trainer Ann directly through Whatsapp +39 351 7189980

What you’ll experience during this life-changing immersion:

  • A small and intimate group container with a maximum of 14 students that creates a safe, supportive space for personal growth
  • Intelligent pose sequences that focus on strength, flexibility and mindset to uplift your practice
  • A physical practice that is based in Hatha yoga and complemented with intuitive movement plus therapeutic and physical properties of the poses
  • Deepen and improve the relationship with yourself on a mental, physical and energetic level through self-reflection and experience
  • Discover the rich history of the yogic teachings and their evolution into our modern society
  • A scientific approach to breathing techniques and regulation of the nervous system and overall health and wellbeing (mental and physical)
  • Practical translation and application of the yogic wisdom to your personal life and relationships
  • Breakthrough limiting patterns and boost your self-esteem through the practice and define your key values
  • Develop self-awareness of personal patterns patterns to enhance your relationship with yourself and others
  • Study and practice of ancient texts on esoteric teaching suchs as the Chakras + studying the roots of mantra, sound medicine and mudra
  • Time to integrate and learn immersed in the jungle of Nicaragua, whilst learning about the environmental efforts of Vital Actions  
  • Embody the yogic lifestyle of service: ethical awareness in practice 
  • Ongoing opportunities to teach retreatswith mentorshipat our school in the years following your training. 

A Day in the life of YTT 

Silent Mornings

6AM: Meditation & Breathwork

7AM: Yoga Class

9AM: Breakfast

Active Afternoons

10AM: Yoga Philosphy

11AM: Anatomy + Asana

1PM: Lunch

2PM: Workshop

4PM: Yoga Class (Yin, Nidra)

Relaxing Evenings

5PM: Beach Time / Sunset Surf Session

6PM: Dinner

8PM: Final Assignment / Sharing

Are you ready to embark on the path of lifetime of exploration ?

Or reach out to your lead trainer Ann directly through Whatsapp +39 351 7189980

Why Study at Costa Dulce Yoga School? 

Nourish Your Body & Soul

Costa Dulce prioritizes your health and well-being and farm-to-table cuisine. Nourish your body with our fresh, locally sourced, healthy and organic meals. We accommodate all food preferences, as we believe that a balanced diet is the key to feel healthy and energized.

yoga shala

Steps From The Beach

We’ll live, eat, and practice just steps away from a secluded paradise beach. Both private and shared accommodations  and our yoga shalas are immersed in nature. This proximity to nature supports the release of what no longer needs while also supporting a depper connection to self.

ecolodge sea turtles

A Better World Starts Here

We believe that giving back is an important part of the yogic journey and helps you better understand the relationship between yourself and the world. With the help of Costa Dulce, Vital Actions, and the Callado Reserve, a portion of proceeds help support local turtle and ecosystem conservation.



Hatha Yoga balances your body and mind. In our Asana practice we focus on intelligent and safe sequencing to support your physical and mental health. Establish your personal home practice and discover the postures and their potential for (Self-)healing. Other yoga styles explored are : Yin/ Restorative, Kundalini, Ashtanga & critical alignment


With daily meditation and breathwork sessions, you’ll grow your consciousness and master powerful techniques adapted to your / your future students needs.


Yoga is a lifestyle, with an ancient and rich history in the improvement of the physical and mental health of humanity. We offer you a foundation in Ayurveda, yogic science of health and other important yogic philosophies throughout history.


In our training we integrate wisdom of science and neurology to translate this ancient knowledge into the needs of contemporary society. Accessibility, yet depth and accuracy of the teachings is crucial to adapt yoga to the needs of yourself and the students.


Integration of the knowledge into your daily life is super important to attain sustainable change.
Empowerment and integration are two key elements of our training through self-awareness routines.


How do you relate to the world ? At our training we believe the greatest power we have is how we communicate / connect to ourselves and this planet. Become the change you wish to see by aligning thought, words and actions to create a fullfilling reality.


Ann Schreppers

Ann’s mission is to raise awareness and love on our planet. She believes that the journey of Yoga is about remembering your unlimited inherent potential and life’s possibilities to create.
With a background in classical ballet and dance, she is passionate about the creative process of connecting fluid movement to the breath. She believes that the shapes our body can take, are a representation of the many shapes our life can take through consciousness.
Ann’s teachings are all about curiosity, self-love and empowerment, while learning to show up for yourself in all moments and days. Ann has over 5000 hours of teaching experience worldwide in multiple styles. She finished over 1000 of hours of Training in Hatha Yoga, loves silent retreats, profound self-exploration and empowerment, philosophy, psychology, (conscious) communication, education, spirituality, surf,… And of course to enjoy the magical explorative nature of life itself!

‘Self-love sets free. Let your soul shape your reality’

Monica Munguia

Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Kundalini, Thai Massage, Energy Work

Drawn to yoga off and on since 1997, it was ultimately the thing that helped Monica to find more freedom – and it continues to do so. After attending a yoga retreat in Nicaragua in 2014, she realized how disconnected she had become to herself and what she truly wanted. She then left her job, relationship, country, and the societally approved path to pursue her lifelong dream of living abroad.
As such, she believes yoga is a tool of transformation. By reuniting body, breath, and mind, we can move beyond the past, social conditioning, unconscious habit patterns, limiting beliefs, and our small separate sense of self in order to rediscover our true nature. It’s her life’s work to share this with others as she believes that to change the world we must start with ourselves, and as we reconnect with ourselves in yoga, we reconnect with others and the planet for the ultimate benefit of all.

Her style is influenced by her training in yoga anatomy, Thai yoga healing massage, reiki, and yoga life coaching. A former scientist and one-time wilderness therapy field guide, she brings her scientific mind and sense of adventure to her teaching.

‘Yoga frees us from the limitations of the mind so we can reconnect with our true selves and fulfill our highest potential. It’s a practice of coming home.’

Tim, Environmental Entrepreneurship

Tim, Director of Vital Actions, has spent a lifetime of working around environmental entrepreneurship and activism. With his own turtle hatchery, reforesting project (together with Costa Dulce) and as a rescuer of many animals, he shares with us the tricks and tools to environmental leadership.


Ruth is a 500-hour RYT specializing in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yoga Therapy, with additional certification in Yoga Nidra, Yoga Psychology, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Chronic Pain, and the Therapeutic Relationship

Ready to Say Yes to this Life Changing Process?

Our Yoga Teacher Training offers an individual approach with a maximum of 15 students per training. We have a personalized application procedure to align intentions between student and teacher. This is an important aspect of the personal growth experience and journey.

We offer a flexible cancellation policy with regards to covid. Our facilities are safe & outdoors, with high hygienic standards. We are not responsible for your flights / changes in your flight initiary , but are happy to support you in finding suitable ways to make your way into the training.

Single Occupancy Room: $5000
Double Occupancy: $4600 each
Triple Occupancy: $4200 each
*Includes 28 days nights in room, plus all meals, surf board rental, and tuition

and all mealsAll Meals Included
First three students get 10 % discount

Are you ready to transform your connection to yourself and the world ?
Say yes to your most potent reality and align your intentions with us.


E-mail [email protected] or / and [email protected] and tell us why you would love to join this transformative training and jump on a private call with your lead trainer Ann.
Ann is also available to speak via Whatsapp +351 968 501 681

Intrinsic motivation and genuine interest in personal growth/yoga/consciousness are more important than your experience level. Still, it is highly recommended to have a basic body awareness and yoga experience prior to starting the training.

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