“The resort is well integrated into the local community, deeply cares about the people and the country of Nicaragua and is run with a caring social and environmental conscience, that makes the visit even more rewarding and valuable.”

– Tobi

Social Projects

At Costa Dulce we believe that the most important value is our collective social and environmental well-being. By booking with us you become part of the responsible tourism movement and thereby help us succeed with our many community and environmental initiatives. You get to enjoy a dream vacation while at the same time feel good about your traveling choice.

The situation: A rapidly growing local economy and global climate change have taken their toll on the local environment and communities. That’s why we focus our resources to improve the situation for nature and people.

  • By reforestation and potable water systems we create water security for our villages.
  •  Through buying local and providing micro financing we support a diversified local economy.
  • We counter the effects of land speculation through affordable housing projects.
  • Our conservation programs protect endangered species.
  • We empower our community members through education and fair paid employment opportunities.


Read here about the local projects with the biggest impact:

The Collado Reserve

Collado is our neighboring community village in a tropical dry forest, home to wildlife like sloths, monkeys, birds, and more. Costa Dulce & Vital Actions have joined forces to bring abundance to this community with an ecosystem regeneration project ‘The Collado Reserve’.

The projects aim to:

  • Create economic prosperity through a regenerative economy:

People in the community get rewarded to restore ecosystems and help protect the existing ones. Through those little incentives, the local economy gets stimulated and the awareness of how fragile and important our natural surroundings are manifesting itself in the collaborators.

  • Raise the awareness of guests and local communities on the importance of ecosystem protection & regeneration through education & first-hand experience

Over the years we are studying the local effects on the rivers, on the food chain, on the climate, and on the fauna & flora. We are trying to evolve constantly and are spreading what we learn to improve our little piece of earth.

  • Restore landscapes that have been cleared

By employing the local community in preservation, the effects of clearcutting can be countered. This way, both floods & droughts are prevented and the land becomes fertile as the water is absorbed by the top layer.

The Collado Reserve is also used to compensate for the CO2 emissions of our guest’s flights. The wonderful tool of myClimate lets us calculate how much CO2 emissions are generated by our guest’s flights and calculates how much money is needed to compensate those emissions. We then donate half of this amount towards the Collado Reserve to minimize the impact of the flights. We encourage our guests to pay the other half during their stay.

Our Tuesday Jungle Hike takes you through the reserve to a little waterfall and our guide will give you more insights about flora and fauna.

Vital Actions Turtle Nursery

Costa Dulce proudly supports Vital Actions, a successful ecosystem defense organization that runs a sea turtle preservation project right in front of the Costa Dulce.

Since 2016, Tim Rusmisel – the founder – and his local team have rescued over 50’000 baby sea turtles of four species hatching all year round on Escameca Beach. Protecting the sea turtle eggs is so important in Nicaragua since there is an illegal food trade with sea turtle eggs.

In 2019 Vital Actions successfully launched a second hatchery along the coastline on the neighboring beach Playa Coco and aims to further expand on Playa Yankee.

Vital Actions is a pioneer in environmental leadership, with other campaigns like beach clean-ups, ecosystem reforestation and their own wildlife/animal care that helps animals in need.

For every week-long stay, Costa Dulce is donating $10 towards the turtle nursery.

You can learn more about the project during our Monday Turtle talk and you might be lucky and able to release some baby turtles during your stay!


Barrio Planta Project (BPP)

Due to limited resources, many students in Latin America only attend school for half a day. The Barrio Planta Project (BPP) provides free supplementary schooling to the children of Latin America with the goal to give them positive recreation and supervised structure during the other half of their day.

BPP focuses on classes such as Art and Music that facilitate creativity, performance-based activities like Fitness and Dance that enhance confidence and curriculums that promote international communication by teaching valuable English and Computer Literacy skills. BPP believes that Creativity, Confidence, Critical Thinking and Communication Skills are essential abilities and will help our students lead happy, healthy and productive lives.

In addition to classes, through volunteerism, students learn to interact with diverse populations within a positive setting that helps them healthily integrate into the rising tourism industry. Volunteers also share interests such as Gardening, Sports and Yoga with students through workshops and apprenticeship programs that enhance their exposure to a variety of subjects while helping them discover their unique skills and talents. BPP bridges the gap between the growth of the tourism industry and the needs of the local population, so together we can utilize the newly arising opportunities and focus on the ultimate goal for a bright future: to Help a Child Grow.

Costa Dulce is a fundraising partner for BPP and closely works with other collaborators to ensure the continuity of the project. You can visit BPP during your stay and have fun with the kids!

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