“We went for a hike in the jungle, took a bath in the waterfall, planted trees with Tim from Vital Actions, saw baby turtles being released and we spent a day on the catamaran. It was awesome!” – Charlotte

Culture and Nature at Costa Dulce

Costa Dulce is so much more than just a hotel at the beach. We have awesome yoga and surf programs and our cabins are super sweet but there is so much more to us.

At Costa Dulce, we believe in a holistic approach, and therefore the key to creating such an environment for visitors is through deepening connection with all people by nourishing our staff, neighboring communities, and planet as a whole. You can experience our work through our culture and nature activities and become part of our bigger vision. 

Cultural and Natural Activities

Explore ecotourism programs with Costa Dulce

collado reserve

Visit the Collado reserve with our jungle hike

Collado is our neighboring community village in a tropical dry forest, home to wildlife like sloths, monkeys, birds, and more. Our local guide takes you on a walk through our reforestation project to a nice waterfall.

collado reserve

Release Baby Turtles

Right in front of the Hotel Vital Actions is running a turtle nursery. You might be lucky and able to release baby turtles during your stay! It really is a great experience to see these little creatures crawling into the ocean at sunset. Through our Monday Turtle talk, you will get more insights on the project.

collado reserve

Visit the Barrio Planta Project

We are fundraising partners of the Barrio Planta Project – an after school project who aims to educate the local kids in a playful way to see the bigger picture. You can go visit the school, volunteer for an afternoon, or just have fun with the kids.

collado reserve

Afternoon Trip to San Juan Del Sur

Experience the local tourist hub of San Juan del Sur. Have some drinks in the different bars and support the locals by buying some souvenirs. Our guide will drive you to town and show you around. It is a fun surfer town and you will have some hours to explore on your own. To end the trip our guide will drive you up to the big Jesus statue overlooking the bay with a great 360’ view.

collado reserve

Horseback Riding

Jump on some horses and ride along our beach into the jungle. No experience needed and our local guides will take good care of you. The horses come from our neighboring village Collado and it is a great option to support the local community.

collado reserve

Boat Trip with Fishing

Our local fisherman love to take you out on a ride on the ocean. Cruise around, fish or go snorkeling on the outside reef.

Fishing is the main source of income in our area and from young on all the kids learn the skills needed to pull in lots and big fish.

collado reserve

Day trip: Artisans and Volcano

༄ Visit local artist Chuca
༄ Lunch in Catarina
༄ Visit the artisanal market of Massaya
༄ Check out the active volcano
༄ Dinner in San Juan del Sur


collado reserve

Day trip: Colonial City Granada

༄ Horse-drawn City tour in Granada
༄ Lunch at Garden Cafe
༄ Boat trip Isletas
༄ Dinner in San Juan del Sur

collado reserve

Day trip: Laguna de Apoyo

༄ Visit Catarina
༄ Lunch and explore time at Laguna de Apoyo
༄ Visit local artist Chuca
༄ Dinner in San Juan del Sur

Additional Activities

Salsa class

Learn salsa or improve your skills! Our local teachers have the fire which is needed for some great dancing.

Cooking class

Our chefs are passionate about what they create and love to share their skills. Learn how to make gallo pinto or delicious ceviche.

Spanish class

Dive into the culture by learning the language with a professional Spanish teacher.

Catamaran trip

Go on a catamaran, have a blast, and make new friends. The Catamaran is departing from the harbor of San Juan del Sur.


Get adventurous and visit the canopy park in San Juan del Sur. Glide through the jungle overlooking the ocean and get the adrenaline going.

“All of the staff were incredibly friendly and happy to facilitate activities including horse back riding, sea turtle viewing, and massages.”

– Alexa

“While we were there we saw baby turtles, tons of different butterflies, exotic birds, and even monkeys! The sunsets were breathtaking & one of my favorite parts of the trip. This is an amazing & peaceful escape, I will be back!”

– Laura

“I got the chance to see 90 baby turtles find their way towards the pacific… for me this was one of the most magical moments in my life! Thanks to Tim & his team who save turtle.”

– Suzanna

Are you ready to become a part of the holistic experience?

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