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Costa Dulce is part of an employee owned cooperative and we take an innovative approach to community development. The basic principle is to work as a collective to create shared prosperity, and abundance for the entirety of our community and ecosystem.

We believe that the best opportunities that sharing knowledge is a great way to elevate the collective experience.

In general, our local Nicaraguan community members have not had the same privileges and opportunities as our foriegn community members. The intention this exchange program is not too take employement away from our local community, or exploit visiting/new members to our community, but rather to leverage new talent to grow and prosper together.

We look forward to welcoming new community members who understand the sacrifices and the rewards of our approach and who are eager to integrate and share their knowledge and experience with the community.


For first time collaborators we start with a trial period of a maximum of 6 week commitment with the option to extend if it feels right.

Please review the available positions below before submitting your application to join our community. 

Available Positions

Head of Sustainable Agriculture

Costa Dulce/NicaNaturals are looking for someone to head our new department of Sustainable Agriculture. As a holistically minded eco wellness retreat and community we aspire to enhance our food security while pursuing practices that enrich our ecosystem. If you are passionate about growing food using agroforestry, permaculture, and other innovative sustainable food systems, this might be a perfect opportunity for you. We have multiple farm properties with an abundance of potential, and are deeply connected with our neighboring communities which creates a ripe opportunity for these projects to thrive. This is a long term opportunity, with many potential perks, including partnership.

• Design and implement long-term strategies for regenerative systems including natural building, organic agriculture, water management, energy, and waste management.
• Collaborate with the team to develop plans to enhance and maintain the design throughout the property.
• Manage the operations and functions of all systems.
• Coordinate with the local community, government and other organizations to promote the values and principles of the Ecolodge.
• Develop educational programs to share best practices and inspire sustainable living.
• Work with the Ecolodge team to identify new opportunities for sustainable growth on the property.

• Drivers license
• Passion for sustainable agriculture
• Desire to learn
• A functional spanish speaker at minimum
• Experience with project management
• Highly motivated
• Community minded
• Full time position, entry compensation will depend on your level of experience and commitment. Housing available.

Maintenance Manager

The Maintenance Manager is responsible for leading and supervising all maintenance activities in the company. His objective is to ensure the proper functioning of the facilities, equipment and machinery used in the production and daily operations of the company.

• Develop and supervise preventive and corrective maintenance programs to guarantee the optimal functioning of the facilities, equipment and machinery.
• Coordinate and supervise the work of maintenance personnel.
• Perform regular inspections to identify and correct maintenance problems.
-• Work with other departments to ensure the effective coordination of daily operations giving confirmation that the equipment and sectors will be in optimal operation.
• Manage the maintenance budget and ensure that deadlines and costs are met.
• Maintain accurate and complete records of all maintenance activities.
• Identify and evaluate new equipment and technologies to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
• Ensure that maintenance personnel comply with occupational health and safety requirements.
• Develop and implement maintenance policies and procedures to ensure the safety and efficiency of daily operations.

• Previous experience in maintenance management.
• Computer knowledge
• Excellent leadership skills and ability to work in a team.
• Solid knowledge of security protocols and organization
• Ability to meet deadlines on scheduled tasks.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Knowledge of maintenance tools and techniques.
• Knowledge in the following areas: electrical, plumbing, wood, gardening, painting, gray works, swimming pool.

Holistic Maker

Costa Dulce & NicaNaturals are seeking a Holistic Maker to join our team. The ideal candidate will be passionate about natural health and wellness and have experience creating holistic products. As a Holistic Maker, you will be responsible for developing, formulating and creating natural products using specific measurements and recipes, adhering to quality control standards, and assessing product effectiveness.

• Develop new and innovative health food and natural products that align with NicaNaturals’ mission and values.
• Formulate products with a deep understanding of natural remedies and the latest trends in health food and nutrition.
• Conduct market research to identify the latest trends and demands in the industry.
• Work closely with the marketing team to create effective product labeling and packaging designs.
• Develop and maintain recipes for various products.
• Ensure that all products are made in a clean and organized environment.
• Follow strict quality control procedures to maintain consistency and quality of products
• Continuously research new and innovative ingredients for product formulations.
• Conduct tests, trials, and evaluations to ensure product effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
• Contribute ideas to improve product quality, packaging, and labeling.

• At least 2 years of experience in making natural health and wellness products.
• Extensive knowledge of natural ingredients and their interactions.
• Ability to work well under pressure and complete tasks within a given timeframe.
• Functional Spanish, good communication and interpersonal skills.
• Attention to detail and strong organization skills.
• Must have a deep passion for holistic wellness and natural living.
• Ability to stand for prolonged periods and carry weights of up to 50 pounds.

Community Collaborator

What we ask…

30 hours of work trade/week. Costa Dulce is a community-run resort. The objective of the exchange is to maximize the potential benefit for our community (which you will be a part of).

We are seeking individuals who want to support the growth of our community.

If you are taking a Yoga Trade position the number of classes including up to 12 yoga classes (generally 8-10). Outside of yoga instruction we also ask for management/cleaning of the yoga equipment/spaces, social media content creation and/or help with guest relations. Or if you have other relevant skill sets/passions that you want to share we would love to hear about them.

In exchange we offer…

• Private accommodations in a private hut with bathroom (simple in design, thatch roof, single bed, screened walls with blinds.
• Full meal plan – Enjoy an abundance of fresh, healthy and delicious meals, coffees, teas, fruits.
• Laundry
• Weekly room cleaning
• Toiletries (quality natural soap, shampoo and conditioner made on site)
• Resort living – During your off time (and on time) you will have full access to our wellness resort and its amenities and community of staff and guests.
• Access to surf boards
• Transportation to and from our retreat from San Juan del Sur (weekly trip on Wed, and arrival/departure days)
• Yoga classes offered by other teachers (we have 14 classes/week on our schedule)
• If your contribution has a high value to our business we are also open to some financial compensation. For example if you are a professional in sales, content creation, marketing, wellness related services.
• Tip share (generally $100-$200/month)

Other Opportunities/Policy

You may offer workshops/services outside of our programming for which you will receive 40% of the after tax income. This includes services such as coaching, private yoga classes, energy work, body work, etc. Prices for the workshops/services must be cleared by management to ensure they are inline with the value offered in the context of our center.

If you attract new guests to visit during your stay you will receive a 15% commission on their booking (if they are paying our full price)

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