Our Mission

  • To help people deepen their connection with community, nature, and self by creating an open and nourishing environment that stimulates presence, curiosity, and growth.


  • To generate an inspiring community model to improve the collective wellbeing; by nurturing a diversified locally-owned economy that shares the vision of social equality and environmental protection and regeneration.

Our Approach

At Costa Dulce we believe in a holistic approach, and therefore see the key to fulfilling our Mission in elevating all people and the planet as a whole.

Our focus is to create a welcoming environment for everybody. This includes prioritizing education and empowerment for local communities while providing enriching experiences for anyone who visits.


“Any pursuit of happiness contrary to the common good is doomed to failure.”
Alice Hegan Rice

“I didn’t want to leave and can’t say enough wonderful things about Costa Dulce. The mission and values focus on local community and giving back is by far one of the strongest and most prevalent I’ve seen.”


“They also have a great sense of community among their workers and really make you feel apart of the yoga/surf/wellness community. “


“Everything about Costa Dulce has been thought through for best community and environmental outcomes. Starting with minimal impact layout of cosy huts. Then the partnerships with a local wildlife group. They operate a turtle hatchery and animal rescue centre on the property (I got lucky enough to see an injured sloth being handfed and baby turtles being released into the ocean at sunset). The food is incredible; healthy, delicious seasonal produce sourced locally, served in a communal setting.”


“Costa Dulce is a place for those looking to get back to what I believe truly matters. If you are interested in the natural environment and animals, if you are interested in community but also quiet time to reflect, if you are interested in your health, if you are interested in relaxation, another culture and lots of play then Costa Dulce is your place.”

“My experience at Costa Dulce was all good vibes. Tyson and Patricia employ mainly local and long term staff and are slowly building a highly sustainable and equitable eco-community…….I am not a big time traveller as I like to keep things simple, but I can’t wait to return next year as I feel like I’m now connected to a peaceful, expansive and grounded community!”

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