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Digital Nomad in Nicaragua

Nov 4, 2021 | Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad in Nicaragua

Nov 4, 2021 | Digital Nomad

Hola all you wandering souls.

You wander the globe in a new found freedom that no generation has ever had before. Interested in living in the land of lakes and volcanoes, Nicaragua? I invite you to live in a dream. A true eco paradise. On a beach nestled in a protected jungle valley, far from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Yoga, surf, nature is the reality. And the connection to the outside world is strong and fast and at the tip of your fingers when you need it. 

The place is called Costa Dulce Surf & Yoga Retreat

We have been building a community that connects travelers and locals into something new, something for the future. Your connection to nature is real as is your contribution. We have built a community that thrives when people visit, you will contribute not only to the community but to nature itself through our reforestation and environmental programs.

costa rica nicaragua

Baby Turtles being released from Vivero Escameca directly in front of Costa Dulce

The Best Ecolodge/Yoga Retreat Centre in Nicaragua

When people imagine a yoga retreat centre or an eco-lodge it should be Costa Dulce. Indoor outdoor living at it’s finest. Our bungalows connect you to the circadian rhythm of the jungle while being connected to outside world with wifi. Monkeys might wake you up in time for yoga before work. Or is it a surf you would like? Right on your doorstep. Nicaragua is famous amongst surfers for it’s consistently perfect waves.

A typical day at Costa Dulce might go something like this:

A howler Monkey in the Collado Reserve where our reforestation program is located

Monkeys howling off in the distance (or maybe right over your cabin), the air is cool and fresh even before you get out of bed. In the middle of the jungle there is plenty of fresh oxygen, some of the finest on the planet I believe. It’s still early, plenty of time to enjoy the jungle waking up. In our dining area you will find freshly brewed coffee or tea, fresh fruit and granola. You can sit and sip coffee while you watch the waves. You can hear yoga mats being unfurled above, time to get the body flowing. Hatha yoga to start the day in the most amazing open aired yoga studio over looking jungle, beach, and the pacific ocean. Time melts as you flow all the way to savasana.  What is that smell? Om pancake pancake Ommmmmm….mmmmmmm. Second breakfast, a full breakfast buffet after yoga. With all the goodies, vegan? Gluten free? not a problem here.

Our co-working space is set up with half a dozen desks in our library (former lounge/bar). High speed wifi which is powered by solar energy and backed up with a connection to the power grid and a backup generator keeps the connection to the wide world of the internet constant. If you are wanting some privacy there are some nice little nooks to work from, my favorite being next to the pool. Which is conveniently located right next to the library. Ocean views everywhere even while you work. If you peek over your computer, the ocean, from the deck of the library, more ocean, from the pool, ocean. And beyond the ocean you can see Costa Rica.

Eco friendly pool overlooks your equally friendly environment.

Lunch time, family style. A long table big enough for all of our guests sits outside with you guessed it ocean views. You will get to know your fellow digital nomads, yogis, and travellers. So many good conversations with like minded people to be had. 

Back to work, but this time you head to your room, still connected but now in your own zone and focused. 

Isn’t that breeze nice? Nicaragua has the best climate ever and all our rooms designed to take advantage of it, no ac necessary. No hot steamy afternoons here, we have local winds that blow most of the year called the Papagayos, these dry winds blow offshore all day and night. It’s so comfortable here you will begin to question clothing. Why? Do I need anything more than a bathing suit? Nope. Shoes? Nope. Sandy feet? Yes. Break time in the hammock on your front porch? Yes. 

Offshore winds, bathing suit, your train of thought chugs along perfectly, punctuated by a knock on the door. It’s time for your surf lesson.

surf beginner package

Beginner’s Surf lessons at Costa Dulce

Costa Dulce has great waves all day long making an afternoon surf lesson possible. In most places it’s offshore only early in the morning making you a slave to the winds but here with our beautiful Papagayos you can choose when you would like to surf. So down the stairs you go, your board is waiting for you on the rack on the beach. And also waiting for you is an uncrowded lineup. 

What an opportunity, this place is perfect for learning and improving your surfing. Space to breath and think, no dodging flying boards and getting yelled at by agro surfers. Pretty much just guests from the hotel here. A nice easy to surf, point break , with peaks all the way down the beach until you get to the river mouth at the far end of the beach almost a kilometer away. And what a beautiful beach, no busy beach bars blaring music, just gorgeous greenery right down to the water’s edge. There is a little beach bar and rancho to hang out in tucked into the shade at  the hotel end of the beach. Along with a turtle hatchery run by Vital Actions. Thousands of sea turtles survive because of this hatchery that would have otherwise not made it. And you helped, just by staying here. Every guest contributes to our ecological projects with part of the proceeds from staying here.

Vivero Escameca the most productive sea turtle hatchery in Nicaragua

A nice cold drink to wash down that successful surf and to accompany the incredible sunset that is unfolding in front of you. As the sun dips below the horizon the dinner bell rings. You need to rinse that salt off quickly because that barbecue smells delicious ( along with aforementioned vegan and vegetarian options) Nica food tonight! Everything is fresh and in season here, all cooked from scratch not a single processed food or additives. Real food.  Real nourishment. 

These delicious days are best savored over and over again, with regret quickly taking over when you leave. That is why we have made it easy to stay long term. Our residency program is designed for the digital nomad or anyone that wants to enjoy slow travel. Affordable while giving resort style living  ( How did this become possible in our lifetimes? ) And a long term stay at Costa Dulce certainly fits the bill if you want to be a conscious traveller. Every guest that stays here helps contribute to the reforestation program and turtle hatchery. For every week you stay you are contributing an area the size of your bungalow to the forest reserve (trees included 🙂 

What are you waiting for? Come and reconnect, to yourself, to nature and to the planet as a whole.  You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

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