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Elemental Yoga Flow: Embodying Earth, Water, Fire, Air

Oct 18, 2021 | Yoga

Elemental Yoga Flow: Embodying Earth, Water, Fire, Air

Oct 18, 2021 | Yoga

Man in Wild Thing Posture

Elemental Yoga Flow

So many of us have the word flow misunderstood. It’s a very yogi word that’s blowing across all of our vocabulary. We say things like I don’t like to plan things out or I am all over the place or just go with the flow. Just because it rhymes doesn’t make it true. “I before E, except after C?” We all heard this rule. The evidence says otherwise. 

To have flow you must first have structure. It’s the opposite of rigid not routine. Flow is how we dynamically transition from one task, one phase or one posture with both elegance & intention just as we are elegantly going to bring our intention to understanding how the elements can teach us how to truly embody flow on & off the mat. 


Earth is strong. It’s our foundation. It is embodied best in Tadasana or Mountain Pose. This is everything from our core values that guide us, our daily routine to the structure of the Yoga Flow you practice. It’s this structure that creates the opportunity for flow to begin with. Inhale a deep breath in. Exhale sigh it out. 


This is our dynamic transition. Have you ever tossed a stone in stream, the stream remains unfazed. This is where we drop rigid movement and move with little interruption towards our visionary destination, or our intention. It is inevitable that life is going to put hurdles & blocks along on our path. You can jump over, roll under or side step it all together that transition is up to you. These hurdles may be as simple as adding a few additional steps as they did with travel and these minor little stones in this stream shouldn’t prevent you from exploring life. In vinyasa this is how we move from one asana or posture into the next. We don’t make thuds, we’re not using force and our breath is steady, unfazed. 


Fire is creativity. It’s passion. It’s energy. Fire is our embodiment of our own flare & style. This is what lights us up and motivates us in taking intentional action. In yoga. This is our internal energy that propels us through the hot, sweaty yoga class. What keeps you in Adho Mukha Svanasana (Down-dog) for the extra breath or holding a Virabhadrasana while your leg is screaming for mercy. 


This is our freedom to express it all through our styles of communication with the world and like the breeze that blows across nations air is like the wind that spreads our ideas and light for all of the world to see. In yoga this is the breath that brings us all together because without that breath, without the oxygen there would be no flowers growing from this earth, no water flowing down stream, or no flame burning. There would be no expression of life itself. So. Breathe in & let it go.

Thank you for taking this journey through the elemental flow of life with me. I hope that you find a smooth transition into the next phase of your day. Namaste. 

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