Costa Dulce Now Offering Retreat Packages

Jan 1, 2019 | Nicaragua, Retreat

Costa Dulce Now Offering Retreat Packages

Jan 1, 2019 | Nicaragua, Retreat

We have been working towards this for years and we are now ready to give you the best Costa Dulce and Nicaragua has to offer in three different yoga retreat packages.

A week is much needed to soak up all we have to offer, so all of our custom packages include 7 nights in one of our beach bungalows. The week starts when we pick you up at Managua International Airport (MGA) and finishes with us taking you back. Naturally, you will be eating at the Dulce Cocina where fresh, healthy, and local food are the themes. Our menu always stays fresh and inventive with the changing seasons and ingredients.

The Natural Paradise Package is designed as a yoga vacation. This retreat includes daily morning yoga in our beautiful shala. A surf lesson is included to get you in touch with the ocean and maybe get you hooked on surfing. Keeping in with the theme of getting to know mother nature we offer an introduction to sea turtle conservation and an opportunity to volunteer or just simply help out. Sometime during your week you will be hitting new levels of bliss and relaxation when you have your massage that is part of the package.

Yogi’s Delight Retreat, is a true yoga retreat with twice daily yoga, and meditation sessions which are invigorating and relaxing leaving you completely refreshed. Yogi’s Delight also gives you the chance to work with turtles and a beginner’s surf lesson is included as well, and of course a massage. For a little more culture, we have added a trip to San Juan del Sur to see it’s vibrant tourism and check out it’s many stores and markets.

Actually Learn How to Surf and Yoga Retreat is kind of self explanatory. The same as the Natural Paradise Package plus lot’s of surf instruction. Surfing is hard, and cannot be learnt is a single lesson. That is why we have developed this comprehensive surf camp program to get you beyond the beginners stage of surfing. We include a surf theory class to give you a deeper understanding of all things surf from surf forecasting, local conditions, basic terms and lingo, board design, you name it we can cover it. And then the surfing itself includes 5 days of instruction with one of our local guides who grew up surfing these waves.

We also include a day of surf photography which helps out so much, you get to see yourself surfing and take some pics home with you. If the surf conditions are not good out front then we will get you to the appropriate beach for the day. Last but not least, you will have a yoga class every day and one massage to keep you loose.

We’ve created Costa Dulce Retreats that epitomize what Costa Dulce is; nature and yoga. Learn more about our yoga retreat packages here.

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